Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia Islamabad is the futuristic luxury accommodation in the heart of Islamabad, offering intriguing investment and residential opportunities.

Taj Residencia Islamabad

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> Overview

The Sardar Group of Companies’ Taj Residencia, a housing society with modern architecture, satisfies the demand for a lifestyle never before provided. Another project of the Sardar Group of Companies that upholds market value in the construction of gorgeous structures is Taj Residencia. The society is situated in Islamabad and was built to accommodate the perfect opulent lifestyle. The project includes every necessity and amenity that would satisfy the wants and demands of purchasers and investors.



Taj Residencia guarantees the community’s systematic layout and the easy accessibility of a variety of amenities to improve both investors’ and residents’ experiences. A further luxury is having both a modern building and a place of natural beauty at your disposal. Thus, Taj Residencia offers the capability of creating a masterpiece that would present people with an amazing experience.

> Owners & Developers Of Taj Residencia Islamabad

The Sardar Group of Companies is a real estate firm with a track record of success in high-end developments and master plans. Taj Residencia offers royal and first-class residential plots as well as housing communities.


Sardar Group of Companies was founded in Iraq and initially focused on automobile commerce and car rental while also building and planning various housing developments in Pakistan. The company’s goal is to deliver high-quality services while also meeting the needs of the citizens.



The Taj Residencia lies in the center of the modern city, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and architecture. This initiative is intended to extend the scope of prospects and attract investors and inhabitants.

> Taj Residencia Islamabad NOC Details

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved Taj Residencia; yet, it is extremely close to Islamabad. The housing society’s entrance is located at the most scenic spot of the I-14/I-15 connection route.


It will also feature access points from Rawalpindi’s Ring Road that will lead to the Islamabad Motorway. The proposal is built on a 10,000 Kanal plot of land that has been approved by the RDA, the NOC, and the legal structure of the community.


> Prime Location of Taj Residencia Islamabad

The Taj Residencia is close to CDA sectors I-14, I-15, and I-16. It is close to the Islamabad International Airport and the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Centaurus Mall is roughly 35 minutes distant from the housing society. The residential society’s location is appropriate because it is not only close to all transportation access points but also improves accessibility for individuals who travel and work in the main metropolis.


The housing society has access points via the Islamabad I-14 Sector connection road, but it will soon be linked to the Rawalpindi Ring Road and serve as an entry point from there.

> Accessibility Points of Taj Residencia Islamabad

For the time being, Taj Residencia may be reached via Islamabad’s sector I-14 link road. However, in the near future, Rawalpindi’s Ring Road will also become an access point, leading to the Islamabad Motorway.


  • CBR Town Phase 2 is about 22 minutes away through Lakho Road.
  • Girja Road takes you 22 minutes to UpCountry Enclosures.
  • By automobile, the Khayaban-e-Kashmir Society is 33 minutes distant by Grand Trunk Road.
  • Airport Avenue and Girja Road connect to Islamabad International Airport in 38 minutes.
  • The Faisal Mosque is 42 minutes away by car through the Kashmir Highway, and the Centaurus Mall is approximately 20 minutes away.
  • The Islamabad Airport is about a 10-minute drive away.
  • Only 5 minutes away is Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital.

> Project Plan Of Taj Residencia Islamabad

The project consists of a well-designed and well-built plan with high-quality materials and interior design. Taj Residencia’s Phase-1 has been announced, and a huge area has been set aside for Phase-2 and future extensions. The housing project specializes in Residential Plots, Apartments, and Villas. In contrast, development is modest in comparison to other suburban housing societies. Taj Residencia has a total covered area of 1907 Kanals.


The plots are available in a variety of sizes and locations, including standard, corner, Main Boulevard, park-facing plots, and so on, and the Sardar Group of Companies offers ready-to-live Dream Villas in Taj Residencia. The first phase is broken into various sections. Furthermore, it consists primarily of residential and commercial areas.

> Residential Plots

The plots are available in a variety of sizes and locations, including normal, corner, and Main Boulevard sites, as well as park-facing plots. The Sardar Group of Companies provides Dream Villas in Taj Residencia as well as Dream Villas that are ready to live in. The forthcoming sector’s diverse platform offering, which includes Centaurs Mall-II and other unexpected services and amenities, has piqued people’s interest. The Royal Club Islamabad is also part of its master plan.


Taj Residencia provides the following sorts of residential plots:


  • 25 x 50
  • 30 x 60
  • 35 x 70
  • 40 x 80
  • 50 x 90
  • 75 x 120


Taj Residencia is offering various types of commercial plots as follows:

  • 30 x 40

> Dream Villas

Dream Villas is a program that attempts to increase the standard of living in Islamabad. It is a fantastic location for those wishing to construct gorgeous residences. It exceeds expectations by ranking among the top shopping and leisure destinations in the world, with an emphasis on culture and ease. This ideal residential neighborhood is complemented by theme parks, libraries, community centers, and mosques that cater to all of your social needs. Dream Villas combine manicured surroundings and stylish interiors in perfect harmony for the most exceptional living style.


The following features are available in the Dream Villas:


  • 10 Marla Villa Mediterranean
  • 1 Kanal Model Villa
  • 14 Marla Villa
  • 1 Kanal Villa
  • 10 Marla Electric Villa
  • 10 Marla Modern Villa

> Taj Residencia Islamabad Amenities & Services

Taj Residencia offers you the chance of a lifetime to live a lavish lifestyle near cutting-edge villas and plots, making it a dream come true for you. Taj Residencia offers its residents much more than just a luxurious lifestyle; the community has a number of top-notch amenities that influence how residents, investors, and buyers perceive it.


There are hospitals equipped with the newest technology. The educational institutions have top-notch faculty and a modernized educational system. There is an uninterrupted supply of electricity, gas, and water. There is free wifi available to residents, and it works throughout the entire lodging society. The residents of Taj Residencia can also take advantage of the many grounds accessible to them so they can live comfortably.


It offers amenities that are a combination of superior technology and resources. Here is a list of the services provided, as well as many others.


  • Gated Community
  • Uninterrupted & underground supply of Electricity, Sui Gas & Water
  • Advanced sewerage & waste collection system
  • High Security & Surveillance
  • Centaurus Mall-2
  • Royal Club
  • Sports Complex
  • Mini-Golf Course
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Safari Park, Theme Park, Water Park & Eye Park
  • Jamiah Mosques
  • Shopping Centers
  • Educational Institutes
  • International Standard Hospital & Healthcare units

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> Why Invest In Taj Residencia Islamabad

There are people living in Taj Residencia. Its residents are promised a high standard of living, friendliness, and a secure environment. The society is also conveniently located near CDA sectors I-14 and I-15 and just next to Link Road, making it simple to access Islamabad. The majority of the properties have already been rented, and the built blocks are in great demand. Future rates are therefore only expected to rise. Plots are further needed for immediate possession right after the down payment! It suggests that you will be able to start working on your property immediately.

> Development Status Of Taj Residencia

The community’s four blocks are undergoing significant development. Additionally, these four blocks will soon include a number of residences to meet the needs of investors. Additionally, the best facilities will be available for the development of the other blocks. Additionally, the builders’ infrastructure is being constructed by the developers to the highest standards. Additionally, that will raise the worth of investments and lifestyle. And finally, 3dProperties contains all the most recent and comprehensive news of developments. So don’t be shy about getting in touch with their experts.

> Booking Process For Taj Residencia

The following documents are necessary to purchase property in Taj Residencia:

  • NICOP requires two passport-size photographs from foreign clients.
  • Two duplicates of your National Identification Card
  • Two copies of your next-of-identification kin’s card

> Conclusion

Although Taj Residencia holds an international quality-of-the-art commercial hub state as a highly renowned luxury property, it can be discounted due to the delayed development. The Islamabad project consists of theme parks and royal clubs. If you’re looking for a high-quality standard of living, be patient and call our office or our helpline number for more information on Taj Residencia.

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3D Properties & Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. is a name of trust in real estate sector. Our team of highly experienced professional is here to assist you when it comes to real estate matters. with the aim of providing comprehensive and reliable services to its customers are selling and promoting the Real Estate housing projects. We have proudly completed many well-known housing projects in just a few years with success.

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