Discovery Garden

Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is a state-of-the-art, progressive, and one-of-a-kind housing society that is poised to deliver a living experience that is unparalleled and unrivaled.

Discovery Gardens

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> Overview

Falaknaz Group’s Discovery Gardens is one of the major housing developments on Islamabad’s Motorway M-2. It provides easy access via the Motorway Interchange and premium development standards at competitive pricing.

A total of roughly 15000 Kanal of land are now planned for the community, and another 21000 Kanal of land are being acquired. Therefore, Discovery Gardens’ total land area is estimated to be 36,000 Kanal.

This green residential development has been designed to meet the requirements of futuristic living by offering its residents a wide range of contemporary amenities while upholding a wise and healthy way of life.

> Owners & Developers Lahore Smart City

The Falaknaz Group and the Association of Builders & Developers of Pakistan are partners in the project (ABAD). They had already completed numerous successful projects in Pakistan, including the Burj-ul-Harmain, Orison Tower, Wonder Tower, and Harmain Royal Residency. Since 1975, the Falaknaz Group has grown a number of exceptional property projects. The relationship between Pakistani Builders and Developers is a notable public representation of the nation’s manufacturers and engineers. It was established in 1972 with the goal of uniting all the best resources for property advancement under one roof.

> About Falaknaz Group

For more than a decade, the Falaknaz Group has been synonymous with efficiency and trustworthiness in the construction industry. Furthermore, their projects are noted for their original design, cutting-edge architecture, and meticulous planning. Furthermore, their projects’ unrivaled success can be attributed mostly to their flawless results, which they achieve by never settling for anything less than the best. As a result, development work on the project will begin soon, and it will be completed and handed over on schedule.

> Projects By Falaknaz Group

  • FalakNaaz Presidency
  • Dynasty of Falaknaz
  • Falaznaaz Dream Villas
  • The Gulshan Centre
  • The Gulshan Palace
  • Gulshan Luxury Apartments
  • The Orison Tower
  • The Wonder Tower
  • The Harmain Tower
  • The Royal Residency of Harmain
  • The Burj-ul-Harmain

> Discovery Gardens Islamabad Location

On the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, Discovery Gardens Islamabad is conveniently placed near the New Islamabad International Airport. Residents of this society would have direct access to all major twin city locations via Motorway M-2 and Rawalpindi Ring Road.

> Discovery Gardens Islamabad Accessibility Points

This society in Islamabad can be reached in the following ways:

  • 7 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport and 3 minutes from Thalian interchanges Islamabad.
  • 6 minutes from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • 20 minutes from Islamabad and Rawalpindi City Centers, and right on the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.
  • Capital Smart City, Top 1 City, Mumtaz City, Rudn Enclave, Mivida City, Abdullah City, Star Enclave, Khanial Homes, and others are nearby.

> Discovery Gardens Islamabad Project Plan

A professional team of architects and urban planners precisely constructed the Discovery Gardens Masterplan. Several clusters of residential blocks are strategically placed along the major boulevard, providing easy access to central commercial districts and entertainment areas.

The main boulevards and streets are fairly broad, and adequate green areas and spaces have been left free for plantation across all blocks. The entertainment and amenity sections are fully specified in the master plan, so simply reading the master plan will give you a fair grasp of the real development plan.

> Discovery Gardens Islamabad Plot Sizes

Society provides a one-of-a-kind lifestyle that is both exquisite and cost-effective. This society offers a choice of residential plot sizes at reasonable pricing over a four-year payment plan.

Plot sizes available include 5 marla (2550), 8 marla (3060), 10 marla (3570), and 1 kanal (5090). Bookings begin with a 25% down payment, with the remainder paid in monthly and yearly installments.

> Payment Plans

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> Unique Features Of Discovery Gardens Islamabad

This society is envisioned as a sophisticated gated community with eco-friendly features and smart city elements. Ample land has been set aside for public parks and green spaces. Furthermore, several private recreational places in society have been designed for residents to enjoy with their families.

The following are some of Discovery Gardens Islamabad’s unique features:

> Gated Community with Grand Entrance

Discovery Gardens Islamabad has a beautiful entrance gate that gives people a sense of security and pride. Blue World City’s majestic entrance gate has made its mark in the twin cities.

> 24x7 Security system

The society provides round-the-clock security to its residents by utilizing sophisticated technology and qualified security personnel.

> Underground Utilities

The society provides subterranean water, electricity, and gas connections. A well-designed sewerage system will be in place to ensure proper sewerage and rainwater drainage throughout society.

> Open Green Spaces

Ample space has been set aside in society for open green spaces. Growing plants and trees in all open areas have received special attention as an eco-friendly effort.

> Sports Arena

If you enjoy sports, you will appreciate the sporting amenities planned for Discovery Gardens. Basketball Court, Cricket Stadium, Football Ground, Tennis Court, and Swimming Pool will be part of the sports venue.

> Health Facilities

Residents of Discovery Gardens Islamabad have access to a fully equipped international-level hospital. There will be private clinics dealing with public health issues in addition to the hospital.

> Education Facilities

Without high-quality education, no nation can advance. Discovery Gardens intends to build world-class educational facilities and attract famous school and college systems that provide an outstanding education.

> Golden Mile

Golden Mile is a prestigious commercial development in which top enterprises will operate in the future. It is intended to serve as Discovery Gardens’ commercial hub.

> Free WIFI Spots

Because Discovery Gardens is intended to be a smart city project, designated outdoor places will be established where people may access the internet via free wi-fi.

> Central Park

Parks enhance the beauty of a location while also creating a healthy and environmentally friendly atmosphere. Throughout the scheme, Discovery Gardens has developed a number of small and large family parks featuring swings and slides for children. A large central park with a variety of family-friendly entertainment activities is also planned.

> Carnival City

Discovery Gardens would include a full-fledged carnival city spread across 1000 kanals of land. There will be numerous entertainment options for people of all ages. A Disney Land will be built for the amusement of children, while other entertainment acts will gain popularity.

> Shooting Club

The society plans to open a shooting club with open and closed ranges, as well as a fully supplied gun shop. The facility will offer safe and secure access to a variety of shooting disciplines, including air rifle shooting, pistol shooting, and gun training.

> Hotel Resort

Discovery Gardens will house a five-star multi-story hotel resort with modern amenities where your visitors may relax in a comfortable setting. It will be a cutting-edge business with wonderfully built inside facilities such as a lobby area and comfortable rooms with soothing bathrooms.

> Mini Golf

Mini Golf is a popular excursion amenity in a housing development where families may enjoy a round of golf. It will be a perfect location for corporate team-building events or social trips. The mini golf course will be exquisitely created.

> Grand Mosque

Because religious congregations are essential to our religion, a centrally situated Jamia Masjid will be the gathering place for the community to perform Jumma and Eid prayers. The society is now planning a big Jamia Masjid with a multi-story complex and world-class architecture.

> Why Invest In Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is a significant housing development due to its proximity to New Islamabad Airport and placement on Motorway M-2. Because of the Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC, the population will be relocating to this side of Islamabad, creating a high demand for master-planned housing complexes in this area.

> Booking Procedure

If you want to take advantage of the pre-launch offer and reserve a residential plot in Discovery Gardens, you must follow the steps below:

  • Please contact us or come to our office.
  • Complete your application form
  • Make a down payment in cash or by check.
  • Please attach your docs (cnic copies of applicant and nominee, photo of applicant)
  • Submit your form to receive your receipt.
  • Your file will be available in two weeks and shipped to your address.

> Conclusion

Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a great housing society that provides high-quality living to its residents. Furthermore, this housing society is a low-cost initiative that would aid middle-class families in building their own homes in the vicinity of Islamabad. Furthermore, it is a terrific opportunity for investors to earn as inhabitants go about their daily lives. For further information or to book a reservation, please contact 3dProperties.

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3D Properties & Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. is a name of trust in real estate sector. Our team of highly experienced professional is here to assist you when it comes to real estate matters. with the aim of providing comprehensive and reliable services to its customers are selling and promoting the Real Estate housing projects. We have proudly completed many well-known housing projects in just a few years with success.

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