Nova City Islamabad Latest Development And Balloting Updates

Nova City Islamabad is one of the big housing societies in the twin cities, and the Nova management team is constantly delivering new events and news to clients.

The development of Nova City Islamabad is accelerating. The housing project exists to improve citizens’ living standards. Additionally, the Nova City Developers are constructing this wonderful home design. The best part is that future inhabitants will have access to a variety of amenities. The facilities will be affordable enough to allow the vast majority of investors to live a sustainable lifestyle. Another appealing aspect is the gated community’s location along the CPEC Route and the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Investors are concerned about recent developments. And this article will keep you updated on the newest products and balloting updates in this residential enterprise. So, without further delay, let us look at the most recent happenings.

Nova City Development Updates

All investors and residents may expect high-quality services and infrastructure from the developers. Furthermore, the town’s future occupants will soon have the optimum living space. Finally, Nova City Islamabad Development is in full swing, and some of the most recent improvements are available here.

  • Main Boulavard Construction

Nova City Development is enticing all investors to participate in the construction of the main boulevard route. The owner ensures that the investors have easy access to the neighborhood. And the major highway allows investors to conduct a smooth and quick survey and have access to all residential ventures. Additionally, this is luring investors to invest here.

  • Sports District Development

The sports district is the most recent and valuable Nova City Islamabad Development. The location is here to provide the best living and athletic activities for all future residents. Furthermore, high-quality infrastructure will ensure that both investors and inhabitants have a positive experience. And, as expected, the prices will be low enough for the bulk of investors to consider investing. However, because it is new to the neighborhood, the costs are reasonable. As a result, we can state that now is the time to invest here; otherwise, prices will rise as construction and development work begins.

  • Carpeted Roads

Construction work begins in the community, and the Nova City Islamabad Development is what all investors desire to achieve a higher level of living. The roads will allow residents to travel the community, and all investors will appreciate this service. And, as we all know, this is the principal development attracting the majority of future people seeking to live sustainably.

  • Installation Of Street Lights

Another Nova City Development that all investors require is street lights. Streetlights are now available throughout the town. It will also assist residents in living their best lives. Additionally, the lights will aid in the completion of the construction job after dark. And these facilities are the first and most visible signs that the development will be completed shortly.

  • Pueblo Block & Nova World Block Development updates

The Pueblo Block and Nova World Overseas Block are also being constructed quickly, according to Nova City management. The infrastructure is of high quality, which will assist homeowners in achieving their residential goals inside the community.

  • Jamia Mosque Construction

The construction of the Grand Mosque by the community is the most viable Nova City Development. Furthermore, the Mosque is a requirement for the entire Muslim community. In addition, the development work will be completed soon. It will also help residents to fulfill their religious obligations and ambitions. As we all know, a mosque is a need without which we cannot live in harmony.

Nova City Islamabad Development highlight 2022

  • The cutting process is around 65 to 70% complete. Day and night operations of on-site equipment
  • The sports complex is scheduled to open shortly. the first-rate complex with both outdoor and indoor sporting venues Indoors, there is a basketball court, a football field, and two enormous tennis courts. currently in full operation
  • Parking and a few roads have been completed.
  • A mosque is currently under construction.
  • There are both indoor and outdoor gyms available.
  • Two of the numerous parks envisaged in the Nova City master plan have been constructed.
  • Water filtering plants have been requested to be imported.
  • Commercial plots for sale in Nova City are also being cut.
  • The competent authorities are also reviewing the application for a Nova City Islamabad NOC.

Nova City Balloting Updates

Nova City Islamabad has some great news to share with its members and clients. The commercial ballot for Nova City will be held in December 2022. Members who own commercial plots in Nova City Islamabad, in particular, will be able to ballot their plots in this event.

Nova City is one of the leading housing societies in the twin cities, and the Nova management team is constantly delivering fresh events and news to consumers. Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Fateh Jang approved Nova City Islamabad a few months ago. As a result, it has become a more secure investment option for the inhabitants of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

A ceremonial event will be held for the Nova City Commercial ballot, and a computerized ballot will be held for the society’s commercial plots. The organization has released the terms and conditions, and members just need to complete one criteria to participate in the first commercial ballot of Nova City Islamabad. This poll is for commercial plots of 4 and 8 Marla in Nova City Islamabad.

Terms & Conditions For Balloting

The following are the requirements for including your plan in the balloting:

  • Customers who want to participate in this first-ever commercial balloting need to pay at least 6 installments on their commercial plots.
  • Nova City management has enforced only this restriction for the first commercial ballot.
  • Customers who want to enroll their plots in the ballot and pay the six installments before the balloting date should contact Nova City.

Nova City Islamabad Latest News

Furthermore, closed registrations for 4 and 8 Marla General Block Commercials will secure plot numbers in the future ballot, which will be revealed shortly.

Previously, Nova City had gained approval from NH&MP for the creation of a dedicated interchange on the CPEC motorway, and it had also recently received approval from IESCO for electrification.

Nova City is now planned over 10,000 Kanal and offers a variety of amenities such as:

Family Park, Nova Jamia Masjid, Bird Aviary Play Area, Tennis, and Football Ground

Nova City Islamabad News Highlights Of 2022

  • Nova City Islamabad has finally been granted IESCO Electricity Approval.
  • The Nova City School will hold its ground-breaking ceremony on September 28, 2022.
  • Nova City has struck an agreement with THE FIRST (Villa Royale) to build 100+ villas.
  • NOVA City Islamabad invites the famous ASC-HR and Banumukhtar group to deliver updated lifestyles at calm villas.
  • In October 2022, Nova City Islamabad had a ground-breaking ceremony for the development of 100 villas. The first is working with Nova Group to build 100+ villas that will be ready for occupancy in 10 months.
  • Nova City has opened its first downtown area. To take advantage of the opportunity, you must register your 4 & 8 Marla Commercial at General Block in your name before November 15, 2022, and be the lucky one to qualify for the first-ever Commercial ballot to be held on December 15, 2022.
  • The Nova City Islamabad 4 & 8 Marla Commercial General Block Balloting will take place on December 15, 2022. To learn more about Nova City Islamabad Balloting 2022, watch this video.


The Nova City Islamabad Development is moving quickly since the owners want to finish the development work as soon as possible. Furthermore, the gated community is conveniently located near important landmarks like the CPEC Route and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The price plan and amenities accessible here are the only incentives for all investors to book a plot here. Another important aspect is the availability of an installment plan, which will allow investors to purchase their ideal home here.

The construction is moving quickly, which is a good sign for all prospective homeowners. So far, the Grand Mosque construction, main boulevards, street lights, sports districts, and high-quality roadways are all available.

It will be the best time to make an excellent home investment in this location. Finally, 3dProperties will continue to share the most recent updates about Nova City Islamabad.

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