Top 5 Reasons To Invest In New City Paradise

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In New City Paradise

New City Paradise Housing Society is a fantastic residential development located near the Burhan Interchange Taxila Wah. The project will be one of the most amazing and profitable schemes in its vicinity, providing residents with a high-class and cutting-edge living environment. This blog will explain the top 5 reasons to invest in New city paradise.

Renowned Owners & Developers

The New City Paradise Housing Society is owned and operated by Ch. Saad Zaman and Ch. Qamar Zaman. New City Wah Developer Group is in charge of the project’s development. This organization owns Ch. Junaid. This group is in charge of a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial real estate projects that have been successfully delivered both internationally and locally under the name NEW City Wah Cantt. The developers have assembled a highly skilled team of experts to complete the project with extreme precision.

Approved Project

This is a NOC-approved housing project that will provide a long-term and ideal real estate investment. Furthermore, the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has granted New City Paradise legal status. Furthermore, it would be unusual for developers to provide a new residential space with legal status. It is also critical to gain the trust and confidence of investors and buyers.

Ideal Location 

The site will be a mere 0 kilometers from the Burhan interchange on the CPEC route’s Islamabad M1 Motorway. It is situated inside Punjab’s limits and has easy access to the main GT route. The finest investment location in this new housing development will also be reachable from two locations. Both come from the GT Road and the M1 Motorway, respectively. Most importantly, there will be a lot of business zones and educational facilities close by.

Provision Of All Facilities

The New City Paradise will have a number of amenities available. Furthermore, this residential neighborhood will have access to these features.

All Basics are Available

Sustainable Housing Program

Security cameras

Business Zone

Children’s Parks

exercise spaces

Malls and stores

Broad Roads

Blue Belts

Filtration Facilities

Education Facilities

Centers for Health Care


Neighborhood Center

Station Grid

Budget Friendly

The most valuable features will be available at the most affordable prices in the new city paradise. Furthermore, the payment plan will help to create a dream investment opportunity. Furthermore, residents will have access to the best world-class facilities at rock-bottom prices, making the investment more appealing to all investors.


New City Paradise will soon be available to all residents, offering them one of its king living standards and investment opportunities. Furthermore, Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman are well-known and reliable developers, making this a long-term and worthwhile investment. In addition, the site will be in an ideal location with numerous critical access points. The affordability rate is high based on the initial price range because it is a legal housing venture that will help make a long-term and profitable investment. This blog has mentioned all the details that will inform you about the top 5 reasons to invest in New City Paradise. 3dproperties recommends you not to miss this grand investment opportunity.

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